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Apartments that fit your life.


Choose an apartment that fit your life

Find your second home in our selection of boutique apartments. Fully equipped, furnished and ready to move in when you need it. And to make sure you lack nothing, you will be accompanied by a 24/7 customer service.

More comfort, more charm, more light and more life.Your rightplace is waiting for you!

Your rightplace is waiting for you!

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Your rightplace

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Rightplace - exclusive apartments

You can see our most exclusive properties here. These are luxury apartments which are located in the very best areas of the city. You will find a property that suits your needs perfectly, a home away from home where you can enjoy the same comforts that you are used to, and not miss out on anything.

Premium apartments

Home is where everything falls into place.

Do you have a project in Barcelona or Madrid and need to feel at home?

¿Do you have a project that you are developing here and need a home away from home? We either directly manage or personally check all the homes that we rent out. You will have everything you need, right from the very moment you arrive. This is made possible thanks to our maintenance team and our 24/7 customer service, ready to help you during your entire stay.

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Vocation for hospitality

Rightplace’s mission is to shift the perception of the real estate agency from a transactional intermediary to a trusted partner.

We always make you feel at home when dealing with us. We are committed, infusing everything we do with a dedication to finding the proper fit between homes and people. We want to get to know the people who decide to entrust us with their second home, both as owners and as tenants.

About us

Why us?


Our clients' time is money, and it is our obligation not to waste it. It is clear to us that success is a matter of method, so we implement all possible processes to meet the objectives.


We are delighted to have at our disposal all those innovative tools that add value to our management and from which, undoubtedly, all those who choose us as their trusted agency benefit.


Being able to identify with someone and share their feelings is the basis for establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Being close and putting ourselves in the other person's shoes allows us to anticipate the client's interests as well as our own.


Passion encompasses each of the above points and takes them to their maximum level of execution. Passion is a generator of confidence and illusion that has allowed us to create this project.



Property valuation

Property valuation

We offer you a comprehensive and personalized property valuation. Consult us without obligations!

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