A team of people helping people

Authentic connections and trust are key to our approach.


Our value proposition


Our professionalism is based on our honesty and integrity. This brings true value to the owner-tenant relationship.


We are passionate about what we do and we make every effort to constantly improve our professionalism and excellence.

Personalised Attention

We take care of our tenants in a professional yet friendly way. They know that we are always on hand to help.

Our vocation for hospitality

Rightplace’s mission is to shift the perception of the real estate agency from a transactional intermediary to a trusted partner. We are passionate about our work and love welcoming people to the properties that we manage while at the same time maintaining good relationships with the people who own the properties.

Our values guide our proactive attitude and push us to create that special home away from home for our tenants. 

About us

Feel right at home, when you're far away from home

We are an intermediary that brings together the right place at the right time with those searching for a home - whether it´s for a few months or forever. We help find the right fit between properties, tenants or buyers, and owners in ways that suit each of their needs. 

We achieve that through relationships built on a genuine understanding of the priorities of both parties.

How it works

Our values

We set great store in forming sustainable long-term relationships:

With our tenants

Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priority.

With our owners

Loyalty, complying with equitable agreements based on transparency and mutual trust.

With our team

Reciprocity, valuing and promoting talent, encouraging personal growth.

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