If you are a property owner in Barcelona and you need to put your property up for rent, you will like to know that at Rightplace we take care of your apartment as if it were our own.

At Rightplace we like to keep the priorities of the owner very much in mind. We know that in order to perform our role with guarantees we must comply with all the points and requirements on which the relationships with our proprietary clients are based.

We take care of your apartment for rent as if it were ours.

Not worrying about day-to-day management (39%), a successful selection of tenants (22%) and obtaining maximum profitability (22%) are the three factors most highlighted by homeowners in a recent survey published in the Rightplace Corporate Linkedin.

Peace of mind: our clients must have absolute peace of mind that their rental property will be cared for at all times.

Guarantee: our owners must have the absolute guarantee of rent payment since this is the main argument on which the trust placed is based. For this we negotiate the conditions of the contracts so that this does not happen.

Personalization: we carry out a process of personalization of our services, since what is important to our clients must be important to us and in this sense we adapt to the most determining demands.

We know that what is important to you may not be important to other real estate rental agencies, but it is important to us.

But above all, we also know that taking care of your assets at all times is essential.

If you need to have the best rental services as an owner, you can count on us.

You can count on Rightplace.