If you have an apartment for rent  you will be very interested in taking these tips into account to get the most out of renting your home. Keep in mind that most owners trust a company that will do all the paperwork for them and save them the hassle. When it comes to sleeping peacefully, what you really need is group of true professionals which you can find at Rightplace.

#How to get a return on my apartment

We are Rightplace and we are to tell you what our real estate management services in Barcelona consist of in order to get the most out of your property.

Understanding performance from a global perspective, Rightplace goes even further and provides a holistic vision.

Obtaining performance can of course be obtained by maximising economic benefit, rental price, etc. However, Rightplace understands that minimising the risks of non-payment and taking good care of the property is also highly important.

We have a portfolio of reliable tenants and every day we receive dozens of requests from expats; highly qualified professionals who require a home in good condition and are looking for an apartment just like yours.

Make the necessary improvements: make an ‘update’ (don’t worry we can handle this)

It’s time to give your apartment a ‘touch of class’. At Rightplace we have a specific department for reforms and interior design.

An apartment for rent does not have to be neglected and in worse condition than a property. From the tenant’s perspective, it will be their house which means they will want it to come in the best condition.

Changing the dripping tap, painting the walls and ceiling if necessary, and checking some loose tiles in the bathroom or kitchen are small actions that will without doubt make your home rent more easily and at a better price.

Promote your home (or let us do it)

Of course, the best way to promote your home is to leave it in the hands of professionals. At Rightplace we advertise on the main national portals and on more than 120 international portals in 60 countries.

Our service package is comprehensive. We market properties, but our services also include investment analysis and property valuations.

Have the right management plan (or hire us)

At Rightplace we love when plans come together. Placing the focus on the peace of mind and trust of our clients, we have designed a plan that offers you two types of management for your apartment.

Our 360º Management puts the organising administration of the apartment in our hands and we will take care of everything.

With Lite Management we will look after everything from the promotion to the formalisation of the contract, leaving you to manage the rest.

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Are you a homeowner in Barcelona or Madrid? Or are you responsible for managing one and you want to get the most out of it? If so, you will be pleased to hear that Rightplace will take proper care of your home by maximising benefits and minimising risks.


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